How To Survive: Crazy Kids Morning School Routine During The Pandemic

Life is very challenging each day when juggling the logistics of life. Trying to make everything flow with as few glitches as possible seems like an impossible task. We always put so much pressure on ourselves as parents to be the best for our spouses, the best for our kids, the best in our jobs, the BEST in everything we do. In 2020, this Covid-19 pandemic has thrown us all for a loop in our lives from our jobs to our families and our overall way of life.

Mornings in our 6 person 1 dog household are absolute mayhem and without proper planning and structure they can get very out of hand. FAST!

With so much riding on being the perfect dad I can’t help but to feel overwhelmed most days. I end up feeling as if I fail or didn’t put in the work to be as great as my potential. I think we all feel this way at one point or another in our lives but many times I feel like I may be alone in this. I’m a fairly optimistic person and I know things can be challenging when trying to figure out how to keep the synergy of our lives going each day. Mornings in our 6 person 1 dog household are absolute mayhem and without proper planning and structure they can get very out of hand. FAST!

I’ll break down a typical morning in the Gittelman household, more specifically a school day…..

Monday morning 6:30AM comes and my Alexa Show 5 wakes me up with an extremely annoying alarm which I chose because anything less abrupt wouldn’t make me budge…..snooze….oh crap it’s 6:45! My 2 year old son yells at the house to get up from his crib!

Hudson woke us all up as he always does each morning!

My wife and I tackle to joint duties of getting 4 kids up and ready to go for school.

My wife and I get downstairs in a daze…Coffee Stat! Oh no! We forgot to make their lunches the night before! Grrrrr…

I get up and walk to the kids rooms in a morning daze to get the kids going. Grace, time to get up……Reagan, let’s go, Quinn time to get up buddy! Hudson, where are your pants?

Boys it’s time to get ready!

My wife and I get downstairs in a daze…”We need Coffee Stat!”. Oh no! We forgot to make their lunches the night before! Grrrrr… We start to make the lunches and most importantly, the COFFEE!

We love making our favorite Cafe du Monde coffee in our new Ninja Coffee maker. We can’t function without our coffee! It’s the little bit of liquid heaven that we look forward to every morning.

Ham sandwiches or PB&J, what about a fruit, or a veggie? How healthy do these darn lunches have to be? LOL!

Crystal has the kids all dressed and ready to go and they head downstairs. OMG forgot I have to make these kids some breakfast!

Our cleanest eater in the family…lol!

Throw some frozen pancakes in the microwave and cut up some strawberries. BAM! Done. Can’t forget to let dogs out and feed them!

It’s 7:30 ALREADY???! Time to get in the car and get to school!

Do they have their coats, backpacks, water bottles, hand sanitizer, and face masks?

Quinn jumps in first and then Reagan and finally Grace. Let’s go!

On the drive to school which is only 12-15 minutes away the kids love to either listen to music, fight with each other, or make me put in a DVD. I try to talk to them about their day ahead but no one finds that an interesting topic of discussion…ever.. lol. I usually zone out on autopilot on the way to school.

We pull up to school with around 7:45am and the kids always seem to think they have all the time in the world to get out of the car…I try to hold back from cursing at them while trying to unbuckle Quinn from his seat. Quinn is a real character, he takes his sweet time getting out everyday. He fiddles around trying to find his coat then his back pack. I feel like he does it on purpose. LOL!

Quinn being his silly self on the way to school.

Finally the kids are unloaded and heading into school! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I text Crystal, my wife a note that says, “The eagle has landed” and she usually texts me back and asks how drop off went and with a big sigh I say, “It went great love!”.

Please comment below and let us know how your morning routines go with your kids.

I’m sure we all have some fantastic crazy wonderful lives!

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