How To Throw A Kids Holiday Cookie Decorating Party?

How To Throw A Kids Holiday Cookie Decorating Party?

This holiday season I decided to do something outside my comfort zone and throw a cookie decorating party!

With our added space and the kids feeling cooped up without as many playdates or get togethers coming off of Thanksgiving I chose a cookie decorating theme so kids could enjoy! Also, the moms could chat while they decorated and afterward, they could all play since they would most likely eat some of the cookies along the way.

We ended up doing the party on a Saturday afternoon around 1pm that way everyone could run their errands in the morning and naps plus lunch would be fresh in the kids bellies for some delicious cookies.


Originally when I thought of this idea- I was thinking to myself should I have the kids partake in making and baking the cookies then decorate? I quickly realized that may be too much for 12 kids ages 4-10 years old. LOL!

So, I pre-made sugar cookies from Betty Crocker haha! I am not the greatest baker and the last thing I wanted to do was mess something up and all the cookies didn’t turn out at all for my very first cookie party. So, I did 3 bags of the betty Crocker sugar mix, a bunch of different variety of sprinkles to decorate and decided to buy icing tubes white, red and green. I set up the tables with tablecloths and each child got an organized station that held 3 sugar cookies each, 3 different sprinkles for their cookies and marshmallows and M&M’s.


I also set aside plastic bags with twist ties that they could put their cookies in after. Before we started decorating, I had each child put on their aprons that I purchased at the dollar tree, I found this made the activity even more fun for everyone!


This was such a fun easy activity that engaged the kids and they all talked and giggled while the adults helped design or assist whole being able to enjoy there time too!


I highly recommend this get together because no food had to be served, it was fairly simple to set up and execute and everyone really enjoyed it.



  1. Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Mix (or any cookie mix that’s your favorite!)
  2. Aprons – Dollar tree, Amazon also has aprons!
  3. Sprinkles – Red, green and white in variety pack as well as mixed shapes red and green stockings
  4. 3 part tray for decorating – Dollar Tree
  5. Icing small pouches for your own design we did green, red and white- Bought Wilton Brand at Target.
  6. Bottle water -for kids and adults
  7. I also picked up a few treats from bakery to put out for the moms- coffee cake, cheese Danish and goldfish for the kids.
  8. Tablecloths – Dollar Tree- that way you can throw our when you are done
  9. Napkins – any holiday theme! Great to have out
  10. Baby wipes – for any sticky hands, great for clean up! 
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