It’s so hard to make new mom friends

Now that I have four children, I often find myself lost among building new friendships, baking those casseroles for church, finding my purpose in my career and navigating through marriage with four audience members watching.

It’s so hard to find time to make new mom friends and find a good support system outside of my husband and kids.

Let’s be honest… finding friends after 30 is no easy task!

mom alone

Life is busy and it’s hard to meet new people

Let’s be honest… finding friends after 30 is no easy task!

Especially after you have moved 800 miles and have no connections or family nearby.

You can’t be introduced by a common friend and you don’t want to come off creepy if you follow a mom that you want to be friends with around at the park, especially if you are kid less that day, LOL.

I have to say in the 6 almost 7 years since I moved across the country for my husband’s job that I truly needed to put some work in to foster any relationships.

Don’t feel like there is no hope.

Even then some that I truly hoped would work out failed or never even took off and I found myself feeling as if I had done something wrong or wasn’t liked.

I think often times many Moms are feeling that they want more deeper connections but sadly our cups can be so full that they are overflowing in responsibility and expectations others have.

This can make it harder for Moms to be able to connect but definitely do not give up.

I started out with two children when we moved to NJ and now with four, I often found myself feeling as if I was further from making close relationships.

Put yourself out there

I did find some common interests with Moms at the preschool my kids went too and really put myself out there as much as I could.

Cookies in the oven

Just last Christmas I put on a cookie decorating party and invited over several moms and their kids from school and in our neighborhood. It was a hit and helped to further foster more mom relationships.

Over time I have met some great Moms and friends that I have been able to bond with over the years. It didn’t happen right away, but I am beyond grateful for the relationships I have found, and the ones still being built.

Chances are if you are hoping to find that Mom at the local park that just gets you or you really want to get to know a fellow Mom that’s at someone else’s get together, they are looking for that too!

It just takes some courage and persistence but also some understanding that often times your plates are full, but you really do need that mama village to lean on. You are not alone.

Never give up Mamas!

You are not alone.

I’d love to hear some stories from you. What did you do to overcome life’s obstacles as a mother?

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