Transforming My Home Spaces For Family Functionality

Transforming home spaces for family functionality

Transform your spaces for what fits best for you and your family! Not only functionally but spaces that make you feel good when you walk into them❤️

When we moved into our new house I was beyond excited to have a formal dining room. One of our first purchases was this beautiful table with 8 chairs and I couldn’t wait to host the first formal holiday! I also couldn’t wait for Sunday dinners with our immediate six to utilize that space. 

Once my husband built our island in the kitchen (click here to see how he built our kitchen island) I found us very quickly staying in the kitchen. The kids would eat breakfast at the island and my husband and I would take turns taking the fourth island seat and I would often eat standing up! At first, this didn’t bother me since half of the dinner can be spent getting second helpings, cleaning up spills, and chasing kids to sit back down after they have only had a few bites lol! 

Then we hosted a holiday and I kept running everything to the dining room while most stayed around our island or even sitting in our formal living area since it’s right off the kitchen with a television.

Once in the dining, it felt very closed off from the rest of the house and almost felt like we were cramped when the room was a pretty large spot. 

I was disappointed and sad because growing up I loved my Gram’s dining room/entertaining space. It wasn’t fancy but it was warm and inviting and there was so much love and comfort in that space.

When I thought about why that it wasn’t just about the people that came together it was also the setup. Her dining room was off of the living room that was right off the kitchen.

Which allowed all 25 of my family and extended family to fill up the room during holidays and have ample space without being separated.

I was at the “kids table” for a long time in the kitchen but it looked straight into the dining room.

In all of my reminiscing an idea all of a sudden hit me!!!

That was it! Make it cozy and an open concept feel – that made it even better for all of us.

So I had this great idea to convert and transform our office space off the extended formal living room area into the dining room space.

That way it was right off of the formal living room near the television which would be amazing during Christmas with movies playing in the background.

Also, the table would be right by the tree which be amazing for ambience and that special spirit feeling.

Plus it would be right near the kitchen which the kitchen has a half wall that looks out to the formal living room so I knew that this would also be perfect for guests or even our kids grazing in our kitchen off appetizers. 

So I took to Pinterest and I found some inspiration and all while my husband was gone for a work trip I moved all the furniture to see how it would work out! 😬

That was very interesting but using blankets under the big furniture to slide around worked better than I thought! Haha. The result ended up being better than I could imagine and I’ve tweaked a few things along the way and probably will continue to! 

I also added a round homework table for the kids in the new office space that works perfectly. They can come home and all sit together while focused on a good working space that helps to keep them focused. Plus that room is more closed off so I feel super motivated when at our desk with the sun shining in. 

Im really excited about hosting holidays too, once it’s safe to do so for extended family

My biggest piece of advice- GO FOR IT!

My biggest piece of advice- GO FOR IT! If you have a vision try it out because it’s functionality for your lifestyle and preference is so important. I took a leap and I am so happy for it! I also feel that my Gram is looking down on me and proud of the space that was inspired by all those wonderful holidays spent in her home.

Now I am making my own memories with her in mind. ❤️

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