Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has always been near and dear to my heart! As a child, I loved making valentines for friends and making the cardboard mailbox out of a shoebox for my desk or one made out of a brown paper bag. I would decorate it and anticipate how many valentines would be filled inside of it.

As I got older it meant a nice gesture from a boyfriend or flowers that made the day seem even more special. My most favorite memory was when Ryan, my husband proposed on Valentine’s. He knew how much I loved Valentine’s Day and I thought it was one of the most special and romantic things he could have done! We also had our first date on the 14th so it was special that the number 14 kept popping up!

Naturally, after he proposed and an amazing restaurant and had all these small things planned, we chose the 14th of that year to be married! So now when Valentine’s rolls around each year it always puts a smile on my face! To think 11 years ago the two of us sat waiting on apps and drinks unaware of what life would look like for the next 10 years! Fast forward and now with 4 small children and 3 in school full-time, our Valentine’s Day can easily be caught thinking about how many valentines each child needs for their class, this year we need 53 valentines total, lol.

Also, what should be paired with it, a pencil with a heart eraser or perhaps some candy? Leaves little to no time to think about each other and even pre-covid we always had the toughest time finding a sitter since we do not have family nearby and most sitters had plans around then. So that sweet dinner out just the two of us to be able to sit in silence, eat the meal hot without arguing between siblings, or getting someone seconds before you have had your first bite just won’t happen. So, improvise but whatever you don’t forget about a day like this to celebrate each other especially after the last year we have all had! I know many think of Valentine’s Day as a hallmark holiday and don’t care to celebrate but do it anyway!

Bring joy to the other person’s day and to each other- it truly will make a difference.

So, this year I have decided that I will do a little gift basket of all things that my husband likes or has mentioned little needs/wants. It’s a way to show that I care and that I do listen while I am well into that chapter, I am reading at bedtime J. So, find a cute basket that can be repurposed around the house or even for his stuff like in his closet.

Valentine's Day

Then I will put in a pair of slippers which are great around the house and in colder winter months especially. A set of self-care toiletries like a facial scrub, lotion, aftershave, and body wash. I will also include a nice smelling candle for his luxury to light when he wants to since oftentimes, I buy candles for myself and light them. I will also include a sentimental gift this time I chose something he can look at like a pillow to decorate our bed with.

Valentine's Day

I chose “better together” because we both have always said we tackle life better together especially with the kids and projects! I put in an organizer for all of his electronics for his nightstand too!

I was lucky and was able to find all my items at Marshall’s! Love the prices and often the store has more personalized things that make a gift more unique.

Valentine's Day

Lastly, I will put in some of his favorite candy so that he can have a sweet treat! You can also buy a card or make one, I always have the kids make their cards so I often will make my own as well! J We also plan on having a movie night in and making a delicious dinner for two! This really helps when putting our basket together you can totally throw in some champagne or a cozy blanket based on what you have planned-you can include one of those items to go with your day or night. Then present and see the smile and surprise at the gesture that just because life gets busy doesn’t mean we don’t have to remind our person how loved and important they are to us!

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day and I hope you know you are loved too!

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